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The Slovak agency for tourism (SACR) The Slovak Tourist Board is a state contributory organization specialized on marketing and the state promotion of the tourism industry of the Slovak Republic. It carries out the national marketing of the tourist industry, provides information on tourism in Slovakia, promotes Slovakia as the tourist destination, contributes to the positive image of Slovakia abroad and supports the sale of TI products of the Slovak Republic. The Slovak Tourist Board is authorized to carry out official representation abroad and establish detached offices at home and abroad. 
About the Tatras Euro region The idea of converging and cooperation between Slovakia and Poland in the Tatras region came into existence at the conference about municipalities in Zakopane in November 1991. The project was further discussed at the Conference of the Slovak and Polish municipalities Mayors that took place in Poprad in May 1992.
Mountain Rescue Service is a state contributory organization controlled by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

State Forests of TANAP -State Forests of TANAP are an organisation with a state benefit which was found on 1st January 1995 by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic. The State Forests manage and farm the forest land fund, buildings and equipment serving the forest economy which is in the state ownership on the territory of TANAP and PIENAP and on their protection zone. They also provide for public-beneficial activities.
The Tatras NAtional Park was designated the state nature reserve by the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 11/1948 Coll. on the Tatras National Park of 18th December 1948 in effect from 1st January 1949. The West Tatras were declared a part of the Tatras National Park by the Resolution of the SR Government No 12/1987 Coll. of 6th February 1987.
On 1st March 2003 the Resolution of the SR Government No 58/2003 of 5th February 2003 declaring the Tatras National Park and specifying the borders of the National Park and its protective zones took effect.
Zakopane TV jest telewizją regionalną, której misją jest promowanie Zakopanego i okolic. Telewizja realizuje swoje cele poprzez prezentowanie oferty kulturalnej i sportowej Zakopanego oraz lokalnych przedsiębiorców.


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