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„The Slovak and Polish Tatra mountain information network“is the name of the project we are carrying out within the framework of initiative of the INTERREG IIIA Poland – Slovakia 2004 – 2006 Community.
Project Identification: Priority II – „Social and economic development“
Measures: P2/ 01 Human resources development and business support
 Problems solved by the project:
  The cities of the High Tatras, Poprad and Zakopane are the three most important tourist trade centres in the Slovak-Polish border region. Its development is the most significant factor for the social and economic development of the region.
  The cities have the structures established – information and tourist centres that have the different forms of the statute, but the same mission: to welcome guests, to offer required information and to help to make a program during the stay. There are a lot of both general and actual information there. Sharing, processing the information and providing access to the information through modern communication and information technologies will make it possible to create a complex, attractive and quality product that will answers the purpose of both visitors and inhabitants of the region.
 Despite the fact that the High Tatras are the one mountain massif covering the parts of two countries, these three tourist centres work separately so the project aim is to create a formal network of the information offices.
The offices interconnection will contribute to tourist mobility and increase the visit rate that represents the significant economic contribution. Furthermore the staff of the tourist trade structures and information offices will become more professional as well.
 Aims we want to achieve by the means of project:
  • Identify the possibilities of cooperation between the information centres in the High Tatras, Poprad and Zakopane
  • Create an information network that will enable the better access to information in the three regions
  • Improve the cooperation between the information centres and the local tourist trade services providers
  • Make the tourist centres staff more professional
 Project activities:
  1. Meetings of the management and the information centres staffs: agreement on cooperation, system of interchanging information, working out the analyses, programs and strategies for tourist trade development
  2. Topical meetings: sharing the information according to the season and professional interests (accommodation, catering and additional services, sport and cultural events), comparing the legislative frame and intentions, nature protection, pluractivity and equality of chances, using the modern information
  3. Meetings of the information centres staff and businessmen in order to improve their cooperation
  4. Providing regular actual information for continuous making of a complex offer
  5. Providing and sharing the advertising materials (catalogues, prospectuses, paper form price lists)
  6. f. Mutual assistance – info line among the information centres staff for operative solving of potential problems, needs and requirements
 Target groups:
  • The information and tourist offices staff in the cities of the High Tatras, Poprad and Zakopane
  • Municipal bodies of these three cities
  • Tourist trade associations and their members 
  • All the entrepreneurs doing business in the field of the High Tatras tourist trade
The project will last 20 months – from January 2006 to August 2007. Its realisation is located to the self-governing regions of Prešov and Malopolska.


date: 2019-10-15

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