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The Poprad town, located at 655 metres above sea level, lies in Poprad Valley at the junction of the Poprad river and Velicky brook. In the north there is the High Tatras massif. The name of the town is derived from the celtic word POPPART which means „stone brook“.


The town is a natural centre of the Tatra and Spiš regions. It came into existence by the merging of the five small towns of the Spiš region – Poprad, Spišská Sobota, Veľká, Stráže and Matejovce. At present the Kvetnica Spa in the south is also a suburbian part of the town. With its population of 55 000 inhabitants and thanks to its conditions for the tourism development the Poprad town belongs to the modern European cities.


The international airport Poprad–Tatry enables visitors to get comfortably directly to the town and the Tatra region.


date: 2019-10-15

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